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Colwall Rotary’s McChristmas dinner

Alan Torbet described Colwall Rotary’s McChristmas dinner as, “A self-inflicted mash-up of Christmas and Burn’s Night.” It might have been self inflicted but it was a great success. It proved popular with the punters and there was a good turnout for dinner which mixed Scottish and Christmas fair. I started with ‘the Haggis with Tatties and Neeps, with a dram of whisky’, Was there also a hint of chilli there as well? For my main course I had ‘Organically reared Scottish Salmon, smoked haddock peidgree, poached egg, crisp parsley’ and finished with ‘Christmas Pudding with Brandy ice cream, orange crisp.’

The food was delicious, the service speedy and friendly, the room spacious. Our change of venue to the Colwall Park Hotel must surely be judged a huge success.

Betwixt and between courses we were entertained by some very polished poetry reading. Alan Torbet managed a convincing Scottish accent in his “Address to the Haggis”. Russel’s ‘Talking Turkeys’ was full of wit which he drew out to the full with his tempo and timing. The Rotarian Relay reciting “Pudding was delayed in parts by the need to keep swapping glasses. David Watson gave a nostalgic reading of the ‘Ode to Toothache’ and saving the best to last Sue Ricketts gave us an excerpt from ‘Tam O’Shanter’.





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