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A Ride around England

We had a fascinating talk from William Reddaway at our open meeting on his ride around England. It was a long time in planning and a huge challenge for a man in his retirement who was not that used to horses, but William and his horse Strider travelled 2,674 miles across country and through towns and cities to four corners of England and visiting 30 cathedrals and abbeys on the way.

His talk explaining the different challenges they faced en route, the kindness and support of strangers he met on the way, the triumphant moments and the gloomy ones was truly inspiring and all told with a gentle dry wit which kept everyone smiling.

He wants to raise £250,000 for 2 charities he feels make a big difference to people:

The Family Holiday Association helps many hundreds of families in dire circumstances to have a simple break.
Wormwood Scrubs Pony Centre brings the transforming power of horses and ponies to inner London children and young people who face physical, mental or social challenges.

Money was raised en route, but since his ride in 2013 William has given some 123 talks to different groups determined to reach his target

We wish him all the best





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