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HeartStart training

We have sorted out 2 evening dates that are manageable for a) Colwall Park Hotel b) 4 HeartstartMalvern trainers to collaborate for resuscitation training

7pm, Monday 6th August
7pm, Tuesday 14th August

There are 24 training places available on each evening, although a few places have been set aside for Colwall Park staff to have first shout...

I have set these dates up as events on the Colwall WINGS Facebook page and taken the liberty of sharing them on to the Colwall Rotary page too, I do hope that is in order, but please say if not and I will take them down.

As discussed when we met, our priority is to support in the first instance those members (and guests) of Colwall WINGS, Colwall Rotary and the residents of Colwall Green. If there is more demand, then we will lay on more courses... simples!

Bookings will be taken first-come-first-served. I shall need the name, email and phone number of the person booking in case I need to make contact nearer the time.

The course is free to attend, but we are recommending a minimum £5 charitable donation to Heartstart Malvern towards their overheads in running these courses.

Sarah Grout





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