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Paddington 2 in the Quarry reaches its Charity Target

On Saturday Colwall Rotary Club presented a screening of Paddington 2 to over 150 pupils and parents from Colwall CofE Primary School in President Chris Mill’s Quarry in West Malvern.

The children had chosen themselves that the proceeds of evening would go to the charity ‘Send a Cow’. The children’s aim for the evening was to raise the £650 necessary to send a dairy cow to a poor family in Africa. The aim is that the charity provides a cow and training to an African family, the cow provides them milk and manure, and eventually gives birth to a calf which is given to another family.

Chris Mill said of the evening, "It was a real pleasure to have so many children and parents bubbling with excitement. The wait for the sun to go down was slow and full of anticipation. But when it eventually was dark enough, the film started, and a hush descended. It was truly superb to see adults and children absorbed by a lovely film on such a calm warm summers evening. A huge thank you from Colwall Rotary to Colwall Primary School staff and pupils. Now, what about next year? " 

Helen Webb, the Headmistress at Colwall CofE Primary School says, “We are still buzzing after the wonderful evening on Saturday. Thank you SO much for all of your hard work - it was a privilege to have such an amazing opportunity. As expected there was fabulous feedback from parents and children today - it was all they were talking about in the playground!

“I’m really pleased to say that we have hit our target and raised the necessary monies to afford to send a dairy cow”





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