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Super Saturday. The Big 3 Events

Three events in one day. That's a first and a great first as well.

1. Whitbourne Fete.

Well organised by Phil and a great turnout for a lovely event. Well done all - Phil Knowles, Paul Lucas, Jonathan Brew, Alan Torbet, Russell Horton, Peter Key.

Phil says, “On a hot sunny mid July day, Whitbourne Fete was ably provided with refreshment in the Tea Tent by Colwall Rotarians. Whitbourne Women's Institute had baked a never ending supply of varied and wonderful cakes to sell but the stars of the Tea Tent were definitely the Rotarians. Russell & Peter served the cakes with the charm and panache of professionals whilst Phil and Paul provided a never ending supply of tea and coffee to the thirsty public. Paul even found time to operate the dishwasher, many times over, providing fresh crockery with a skill no doubt learnt over many years! Serving ice cream was Alan who almost ended up in meltdown - literally, as the freezer had broken and all he had was a coolbox. Collecting payment, as only he knows how to, was Jonathan who had to leave early and was substituted by Sally Knowles who took the money with a smile and a thank you. Many of the local Whitbourne folk expressed their gratitude for making the tea tent such a success. I believe nearly £400 was taken in the tea tent on the day and all for good local charitable causes - Acorns Hospice, Longlands Riding for the Disabled and Whitbourne Church. A lasting impression has been made and coupled with our support at Longlands Care Farm, we have made an impact in Whitbourne. Julia Evans the CEO at Longlands Care Farm was delighted to see us in
particular - I thought I recognised those chaps she suddenly remarked! Many thanks to my colleagues for helping the Whitbourne community when it was most required, your help was very much appreciated by all concerned.”



2. The Big Lunch at Hanley Swan.

Ably led by Neil. It was a great event involving kids and adults alike. Thanks must go to Neil Copeland, Sadie Skipworth, Bob Morrison, Simon Thompson, Tony and Yvonne Brook.

Neil says, “It is a relaxed and informal gathering of the community that can only happen if volunteers help to run the day. This years Big Lunch in Hanley Swan was only possible because of the help from Colwall Rotary Club. Members from the club manned the ticket tent and the inflatable obstacle course. It was a hot day but we all loved seeing the young children having fun. I am sure that Colwall Rotary Club will benefit in the long run from its involvement and profile in the community. I would like to thank Sadie, Simon, Bob, Tony and Yvonne for their help.”



3. Children’s Film in a Quarry.

There was a great turnout from the school with around 120 turning up. It was bedlam as you would imagine beforehand, but controlled by the staff from the school! Many thanks to Simon Harris (construction), Peter and Rose Key (drinks of all types), Alan Bridge (set up), Simon Thompson (set up), Chris Bailey (help on many fronts), Alan and Margaret Torbet (food), Terry Goode (lights).

Helen Webb, the Headmistress at Colwall CofE Primary School says, “We are still buzzing after the wonderful evening on Saturday. Thank you SO much for all of your hard work - it was a privilege to have such an amazing opportunity. As expected there was fabulous feedback from parents and children today - it was all they were talking about in the playground! We have had Open Evening tonight and I managed to get some photos up which thy enjoyed seeing.”





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