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Books for Romania and Zambia.

Colwall Rotary Club have been collecting books to send to Romania via the Budapest Rotary Club.


Romania remains an extremely poor country and its education and health are amongst the lowest in Europe. Members of the Budapest Rotary Club visit schools in nearby Transylvania to help with painting and teaching at the weekends. Hence, we supply them with books and they distribute them direct to the schools.

We have so far sent 50 kgs of books to Budapest which have been distributed to both Romania and Zambia. Budapest RC Central, also support a Junior school in Zambia. Books arrived there in November. Again, they were delivered directly to the school to ensure they arrived at their destination.

Senior Vice President Chris Mill recently visited the Rotary Club of Budapest to see how the project is going and to see if the books we send are still needed. The answer was very positively “Yes”.

Books with pictures, preferably about the UK, geography, art, cooking, gardens. The sort of easy language books referring to pictures to help all ages learn.

Chris says, “This is a very worthwhile project to be involved with. We would ask for the help of the local community, schools, businesses and other social clubs. If you have books you no longer require or can collect them, then please send them to us and we will send them to Budapest

“Thank you to all who have donated, and to those who will in time, and thank you to Rotarian Tony Brook for sending the packages to Hungary.”


The first photo shows Chris (centre) with the Club President of Budapest Rotary Club Attila Paksi on his left and the District Governor Zolton on his right.


The second photo shows the books arriving in Zambia. (Manaca Community School outside of Lusaka)




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