Rotary Wheel

The Rotary Club of Colwall in the Malvern Hills


Project Goal: To provide in the wake of both man made and natural disasters a rapid response provision of safe drinking water and welfare aid items.  

Unique Selling Proposition: An inexpensive (under 1p per litre) easily transported and simple to operate method of restoring safe drinking water thus helping to minimise the outbreak of disease.

The scheme is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. With the exception of warehousing, promotional and communications costs and annual professional charges, it has no overheads. 


The Aquabox Itself


The standard AQUABOX has two functions:
It is filled with a selection of warm clothing, useful hardware and hygiene items. The actual contents depend on the individual or organisation that has donated and filled the box but may include warm clothing, kitchen utensils, toiletries, small hand tools and other general hardware. A suggested list of items to be included is set out in the brochure.
It also contains a filter cartridge and a matching supply of water-treatment tablets. Once the welfare contents have been removed, each AQUABOX can be used to purify up to 1100 litres of polluted water, making it safe and pleasant to drink. As an example, 1100 litres is equal to 5,000 cups - that is enough for a family of four people (drinking 10 cups per day) for about four months.
The AQUABOX system has been exhaustively tested by an independent body proving it to be exceptionally effective in providing clean water and meeting all WHO standards.
AQUABOX30 is for situations where the need is more prolonged or arises regularly, but permanent solutions cannot yet be provided. AQUABOX30 is supplied filled with 30 filter cartridges and the required water-treatment tablets. Typically, AQUABOX30 is used under supervision in hospitals, clinics, schools and emergency field treatment centres.
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