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The Rotary Club of Colwall in the Malvern Hills


Rotary Club of Colwall in the Malvern Hills

The Rotary Club of Colwall was formed in 1986 to provide an opportunity for local business people to become Rotarians who were unable to make the lunch time meetings, which were the meeting times of our "mother clubs" of Malvern and Ledbury at that time.

Our membership (currently 25) is drawn from a wide catchment area covering the south-west of Worcestershire and east Herefordshire. Our main local Community Service focus is applied to the village of Colwall and surrounding communities in and around Malvern. [Map of Colwall’s location.]

Guest visits

We always welcome business men and women who would like to attend one of our meetings, particularly if we have an interesting speaker. If you see anything in our programme of interest then do contact our Secretary and ask to come along.

Potential membership

The prospect of potentially joining a service club such as Rotary may seem a step too far at first. That is why we always accept people visiting our club as a guest at first. Time will tell if you feel this is a club that is doing things you would be interested in and wish to become more involved in.

The same principle applies in reverse as the current members would like to feel that they think you will fit in and add something to what we do as a group. This is not a big deal - time usually gives us the answers to the questions we seek.


If you are interested in knowing more about Rotary or if you wish to attend a meeting to see if Rotary Membership would be something that would add something to your life then contact us via the Contact Form.

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