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Alehouse Festival

From an organisers meeting in the Crown on Friday, we will need to prepare for :

4 for setting up on the Friday afternoon. Volunteers please.

2/3 on constant car park duty on the Saturday (worst case, if the parking field cannot be changed, giving a more pedestrian-friendly access to the Festival), 

3 supporting Mike Pilling running the wheelbarrow obstacle course from noon (and some kit which Mike has written around about).


We’ll need to ‘flood’ set-up on Saturday morning with at least 8-10, and take-down at the end will be much quicker the more hands we have – so 6+ would be good for the end of the day

All-day BBQ will need 2/3, teddies 2, and we’ll get roped into general site duties during the day – 2 should cover that.

Some of us are also involved in the Cavalcade, which will take an hour or two out 10/11am 


This all adds up to about a dozen needed throughout the Saturday, potentially 8am to 8pm.

The more volunteers we have, the less time each will have to do!





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