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School in a Bag - Giving the Gift of Hope to a Child's Future


Globally, there are millions of under privileged and disaster affected children who are deprived of an opportunity to learn due to extreme poverty, hardship, disease and a lack of the most basic learning equipment and resources.  According to UNICEF figures, almost one fifth of the world's child population will never attend school. 

The School in a Bag (SIAB) initiative has been created to help address this and involves funding, packing and distributing SchoolBags containing stationery, resources and eating utensils to poor, orphaned, vulnerable and disaster affected children around the world. Each SchoolBag contains 10 pencils, 10 biro pens, 12 colouring crayons, a pencil case, a 30cm ruler, a math set, 3 exercise books, (line/square/plain) a water bottle and aLunchBoxandSporkthat will enable a child to write, colour, draw, calculate, express themselves, drink, eat and above all learn.

"The LunchBox and Spork is a new addition to a SchoolBag and it is a simple but essential piece of kit," says Luke Simon from School in a Bag.  "In the majority of countries where SchoolBags are sent, the children are fed at school - this meal is often the only food that they eat each day.  However, without eating utensils the children are unable to be fed, so the brilliant LunchBox and Spork is a lifeline to children".  "School in a Bag is delighted to be working together with Light My Fire and we are extremely grateful for their wonderful contribution and support towards School in a Bag and giving the gift of hope to a child's future.

The School in a Bag initiative is run by the Piers Simon Appeal, a UK registered charity (1109503) set up in memory of Piers who died in the Indian Ocean Tsunami on Boxing Day 2004.  As of December 2011, over 34,500 SchoolBags have been distributed around the world and each SchoolBag dispatched has its own number so donors are able to see exactly where it was sent via the School in a Bag website. 

2500LunchBox and Sporkswill be distributed and the first 384 SchoolBags containing LunchBox and Spork, have been packed and will be sent to Swaziland, Africa.  

For more information, please visit:




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