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Colwall Rotary Club sponsors Young Enterprise teams at the Royal National College for the Blind in Hereford

RNC  speakers at Colwall Rotary

Following a talk to the Club by Sheila Tallon (the CEO of RNCB) Steve Ramsdale (the tutor ic Young Enterprise and Ryan (a former student and MD of a Young Enterprise Group at the College) the club made a donation to cover the cost of 3 Young Enterprise teams for the coming year.

Young Enterprise is open to any group of youngsters  between the age s of 15 and 19. The group register with Young Enterprise to set up a company, sell shares to raise capital, decide upon a product, produce, market it and sell

In so doing the students learn a great deal about persistence, compromise, negotiation, leading, following etc etc - all characteristics. They have all the functional director roles of a normal company, hold an AGM at the end of the year and present a company report. There are local, regional and national competitions which run alongside this process.

As well as the normal curriculum the college puts great emphasis on sport to boost self, on self determination to create independence so the students can look after themselves and on employability because only one third of visually impaired people are in employment.

Young Enterprise helps greatly with the  latter. Up until this year the college had only entered one group into Young Enterprise. Now they want all their students to take part, but cost is a factor, which is why Colwall Rotary have stepped in.

Ryan gave a quite inspirational talk on how Young Enterprise had helped him.




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