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Colwall Rotary Youth Night - January 2020
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Colwall Rotary Youth Night - January 2020

Celebrating those we have supported

Thalia Hudson and Colwall Park Chef
During 2019 we ran our annual Young Chef competion at The Chase School in collaboration with Faye Borthwick.
Areti Huwiler performing with the Clarinet co-funded by Colwall Rotary
The winner (Tahlia Hudson) was then invited to prepare and deliver her winning menu to everyone attending the Colwall Rotary Youth Night event. Feedback from the catering team at The Colwall Park Hotel was very positive and they said Tahlia would have a good career in catering if she chose to take that path.

We also part funded a clarinet for Areti Huwiler (together with the The SaM Foundation) in order to enable her to progress through her music grades in her dream of becoming a concert performer. Areti gave a short recital of one of her practice pieces.

Ellen Johnson
Continuing the musical theme, Sam Baldwin was the winner of the Young Musician contest we ran at Colwall Primary School in the Autumn. Sam gave his winning drum recital to the audience.

Ellen Johnson then spoke about her experiences on her Tall Ships Youth Leadership challenge where she was part of a crew of able and mixed ability young people sailing a ship from Scotland to Denmark via Norway.

Francesca Watson and Max Langford
Colwall Rotary was one of the organisations that co-funded her trip.

Finally Francesca Watson and Max Langford spoke of their experiences in Madagascar helping to build a school in an isolated community.






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