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Laser Quest

There was a large turnout of Colwall Rotarians, wives and children for our “sporting evening” at Laser Quest in Malvern. Strangely it was great fun ‘running’ round a psychedelic maize of corridors and ramps trying to shoot people with a laser gun while avoiding being shot at by people in the ramparts above, hiding in cubby holes or sneaking up behind you.

The boys took it very seriously, the girls especially Sadie and Sheena, were very sneaky. The star of the evening though was Francesca who scored mammothly in both sessions, either by shooting from the ramparts above or screeching around the place shooting you and then disappearing before anyone had chance to respond.

The wooden spoon for the evening went to Rich Jim, but he was the largest target and spent lots of his time shooting his camera rather than his laser.

The discussions continued animatedly over and Indian meal in the Flute Signature afterwards.

Many thanks to Chris Bailey for organising it all.

President Chris's over serious approach:- 


The sneaky girls:-



The serious boys:-



The Champion:-





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