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Skittles vs Worcester Severn at the Bluebell Inn

The evening did not necessarily start that well. Tony had assumed we were playing on Thursday not Wednesday and was still in the middle of the lake in Rutland. The captain arrived and gave a moving and very resounding team talk, then when he’d finished his pint went home to babysit. So Sadie stood in and played as Sadie 1 and Sadie 2. I don’t know how competitive they were, but Sadie 2 won by two. To cap it all Jim put Lindsay forwards to play in his places

Lindsay and Sadie 1 both had clean sweeps on one leg scoring ‘9’ but it was Terry who led the way with some very consistent bowling.

Worcester Severn started strongly, then at the end contrived to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

There were some tense moments while Bob added up and re-checked the scores before declaring Colwall as narrow victors.

It was a lovely evening. Thank you to Worcester severn who were very friendly hosts.




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