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Successful Launch of Rotary Raft

Colwall Rotary Club have taken a large step forwards in preparing their raft for the 53rd Monmouth Raft Race, which will be run on Sunday 2nd   September 2018
After several months of careful construction, the Club launched its raft into a pond for a float test! Did it float? Oh yes. And the raft was strong and light. So important as the team have been told that it is most likely to be a really low river level for the race.

The raft race is a fun afternoon on the River Wye. It starts at Noon at Monmouth Rowing Club (Just off the A40 at Monmouth) and is paddled over 6.5 miles down the beautiful River Wye.

In taking part in the race the Club are raising monies to support St David's Hospice and its own local Charities. If you would like to sponsor us please visit our website.

Chris Mill, president of Colwall Rotary said "Members have made a huge effort to build a strong raft which will be the catalyst for other fund raising raft events in the Midlands, South Wales and the South West. Having fun and raising funds to help others is what Rotary is all about, not meals meetings and suits. Several other raft races take place during the winter months! More wet suits, more mud, more fun. We will be entering these races and will always be keen to welcome new members to Colwall Rotary Club wishing to help the local community and others further afield. Have a look at our website for future events." So, it's fingers crossed for a little more rain, some sunshine and strong backs for good paddling.





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