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The Big Blind Walk

Colwall based Dee Jones completed the 24 mile leg of the Big Blind Walk along the Severn Way from Tewkesbury to Holt Heath on Sunday 13th May, raising money for eye research and awareness to support the work going on in ocular gene therapy and stem cell treatments.

She joined Julian Jackson, who lost his sight in 2010 due to Retinal Pigmentosa, on this leg. Julian and his team at Vision Bridge are walking from Lands End to John O’ Groats, being joined on the route by local supporters.

Dee who was diagnosed with Rod and Cone Dystrophy 14 years ago, was supported on the walk by friends, members of Colwall Rotary Club and Colwall WINGS.

You still have the opportunity to sponsor Dee (funds raised will join Julian’s to the National Eye Research Centre) please visit:

Colwall Rotarian Peter Key who accompanied Dee along the whole walk said, “It was a very tough day even for those of us who are fully sighted. Julian an his team set a fast pace throughout with very few short breaks. Dee did very well indeed. It was a beautiful walk along the Severn for those of us who could see, but the uneven ground made it more difficult for Dee and Julian. We were grateful for all those who joined us along the way and for the back up provided by Rotarians Chris Mill and Alan Bridge in their cars.

“Congratulations to Dee especially and all those who walked the full 24 miles and total admiration for Julian whose walking similar distances everyday on his way from Lands End to John O Groats.”




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