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The opening of our new Primary School in Colwall on the 8th January could be seen as the most significant event of 2018 for our community. After five years of working and learning in Portakabin accommodation, the school is now housed in superb purpose built accommodation next to the Parish Hall, and children and staff are delighted at the transformation in their lives.

Whilst the new accommodation is a cause for celebration and gratitude, there are some problems the school still faces. The biggest is probably the absence of a budget to provide the sort of IT facilities for use by the children which is so important in modern teaching.

Hearing of this problem, Colwall Rotary has already made an initial grant of £600 for IT equipment (which should buy three junior I-Pads) and will donate any funds it raises at the Alehouse Festival on the 30th June for the same purpose. But we hope this is not a “one-off “and that our involvement with the school will continue and grow. This is because we see supporting the school as a core part of our commitment to supporting the community we live in, but also because we want the children, staff and parents to know about Rotary and the work that it does. After all, they are the future members of Rotary!

Further evidence of our growing relationship is that:

On Saturday 14th July, the school and Rotary will be promoting a special film show for children of the school, parents, families and staff. The venue will be the quarry where Rotary has held “Film in the Quarry” nights for several years now with great success. (Thanks to our Vice President Chris Mill.) The aim will be to raise funds for a charity which both the school and Rotary want to support, and this year that is “Send a Cow”. In the period leading up to the film show, the school will be making sure that the children both understand, and learn from, the work that is undertaken by this superb charity in combating poverty , poor nutrition and famine in Africa.

Looking further ahead, the school has offered us the use of their hall for the Halford Keenan Cancer Quiz on the 8th November. This annual event in our calendar raises funds for cancer charities, and in the past has been held at the Malvern Hills Hotel, but accommodation there is limited and we often find ourselves turning away quiz teams who would like to take part as a result. The move to the school hall will more than solve that problem by doubling the number of participants we can accommodate. And that will raise more funds for good causes, including of course, the school!




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