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The Tramper

Simon Thompson (President of Colwall Rotary Club 2017-18) presenting a £500 donation to Debbie Probert of Jamboree, to help them keep the Tramper all terrain mobility scooter on the road for another 12 months.

The Tramper enables people with mobility issues to enjoy the views from the very top of the Malvern Hills as it will cope with the rough terrain to be found on the route.

Jamboree is an established local Co-operative of adult members each of whom have a learning disability. The H2O café at the Wyche Innovation Centre gives the members an opportunity to prepare and serve fresh food, interact with the customers, and share in the profits. Team Jamboree operate the cafe at weekends as well as during the week.

As well as helping to purchase the Tramper Colwall Rotarians have volunteered to accompany any user of the Tramper who are unaccompanied themselves.

To find out more about hiring the Tramper, please contact Jamboree at [email protected] or 01684 252414.




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