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International Student Exchange

International Student Exchange

Colwall Rotary Club have just completed their first International Student Exchange. Local student and West Malvern resident, Matilda Williams went to Japan, staying with a Japanese family for three weeks. Whilst in Osaka, she went to a Japanese school for ten days, visited Hiroshima, visited several historical monuments and buildings and gave a speech to two of the local Rotary Clubs.

After three weeks Matilda flew back to the UK with her exchange student Hina Uemura. Sponsored by Wakayama Minami Rotary Club, Hina has just completed her three weeks in Malvern. She has visited Stratford, London, parts of Wales, been climbing in Worcester and canoeing on the Wye to name but a few of a hectic itinerary provided by Mr and Mrs Williams.

Rotary Clubs throughout the world facilitate student exchange opportunities, which help to broaden international thinking together with cultural experiences. Often students enjoy the time to speak a foreign language in a "real" environment, helping to create a greater degree of confidence in communicating with people of their own age. Colwall Rotary Club are progressing with an ever increasing commitment to helping the youth of the Malvern Hills area and will continue to create opportunities when they become available.

The first photo shows Matilda and Hina arriving at Birmingham International Airport having been greeted by Matilda's mum and dad, and the President of Colwall RC Simon Thompson and Senior Vice President Chris Mill.   

The second photo shows them canoeing on the River Wye with members of the Rotary Club.






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