Rotary Wheel

The Rotary Club of Colwall in the Malvern Hills

On the evening of the 2nd September 2016 a special open air Cinema was constructed for a charity fund raising event organised by the Colwall Rotary Club on behalf of Mc Millan Cancer research. The location was at the stunning Quarry Garden of Rotarians Chris and Sara Mill, set in the Malvern hill side. Peter Lea of Auditorium Services Ltd provided Digital projection, sound and screen for this event, and provided a 6 metre Picture with Dolby stereo sound. The Projector and sound equipment being mounted in a stout old tree which gave the perfect projection angle.
The Evening was well attended, food and drink sales were also provided with the local pub “Brewers Arms” donating a barrel of beer and hot food provided by Local volunteers. With an attendance of around 110 patrons with an age range of between 16 and 80, who all brought their own seating, the open air auditorium was soon full. There was a great atmosphere and with the anticipation as to what the Film presentation for the evening would be the conversation among the crown was focused on this. At 10pm prompt Mr Chris Mill thanked everyone for coming and queued the start of the film. The opening titles flickered onto the screen and a round of applause took place when the crowd realised that the film was the 1986 blockbuster “Critter” staring Billy Green Bush and Dee Wallace.
The movie was about alien furry critters landing on the farm of Hellen and Jay Brown, (Wallace and Bush) this film blended in perfectly with the setting of our open air auditorium. As the closing titles appeared on the screen some 82 minutes later the audience once again gave a round of applause, they then began to fold up their seats and make their way back down through the Malvern woodland home. The event was deemed a success and a similar event is planned for next year. The total raised at this year’s event in the region of £ 1200.00
Peter Lea
Cinema Historian & Author


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