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The Rotary Club of Colwall in the Malvern Hills

This happened earlier this morning and I felt to share it with you. I was walking into town to post some parcels and I passed by two elderly people who were just saying their goodbyes.  One said ‘Well you might as well keep trundling on because no-one cares.’ It was sort of said in jest but I couldn’t help feeling there was some truth and sadness behind the man’s words.  So I said so loudly that I surprised my self ‘I CARE!’
I said it a few times and the man replied ‘ O that’s good to know!! Hey Mavis, this chap cares.’ We all chuckled a little and the old lady asked if I cared enough to give her a piggy back the rest of the way into town!  I looked her up and down but didn’t fancy my chances so I declined and was on my way down the road with a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my chest.
I do care.  We all care in different ways. And increasingly I am meeting other people who do care and are doing amazing things and doing their best to Be The Change too!  It really is one great big miracle that we exist at all!  When I pause and really reflect on the Great Mystery of Life everything gets put back into proportion and I remember that Life is quite a gift and quite an adventure and quite a ride!
 This year I have had the opportunity to meet some beautiful people and to contribute a little to an amazing assortment of individuals and organisations who are empowering and inspiring and supporting others.  Amongst these have been the team making the Rough Sleepers Movie to raise awareness of homelessness in the UK.  Here is a link of the soundtrack for the film:
Do have a listen and share and support the project please.
And hear is a link to the Homeless Beggars poem I wrote that has been used as the lyrics for the song:
Thank you for supporting my work in all the different ways that you do.

William Leal: 'It's all messy: the hair, the bed, the words, the heart, Life.’ … and yet it is all sooooo beautiful... 
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