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This is a short update on what is happening with Miguel’s mission to empower the young people of the world.

In particular as well as one to one sessions and training workshops, he is currently focusing on Voices of the Future which uses public speaking events as the medium for empowerment.

You can see the short pilot video here that will gives a good idea of what Voices of the Future is all about:


He is applying for funding and  looking for collaborators who are interested in staging their own Voices of the Future project.

Schools, colleges, universities, homeless organisations, recovering addicts, youth and leadership organisations could all benefit from this powerful Voices of the Future experience.

He is in discussion with Brahma Kumaris (a world spiritual organisation that are committed to youth), an Islamic Academy, Shambala Festival, Embercombe and Journeyman UK.

We shall see what unfolds!

Please feel free to connect up and follow his work on Facebook:


Please forward this onto anyone you know who is also passionate about real youth empowerment.

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