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What has Colwall Rotary been doing, in the Community and as a group

Colwall Rotary News

Colwall Rotary in 2022
Paul Hetherington 392

Colwall Rotary in 2022

Your local Rotary group needs you

It’s been good to be back in action again following a couple of Socially Distanced years. Before we let you know what we’ve been doing over the last few months we’d like to make an appeal. Many Service Clubs suffered badly over 2 years of Covid and our club was no different. The inability to meet and challenges to fund raise, and the challenges in attracting new members.

Our club has survived although some didn’t and it did cause the size of the club to shrink. Although it’s now growing again, we really do now need a few more active members who want to do their bit for the local community and have some good company along the way. Ledbury lost its long established Rotary Club so we are often asked to help out on their traditional events. Quite honestly, we can’t do it all with a relatively small team.

Recent donations
Having raised funds throughout the year, some of which has been earmarked, pledged or already gifted, we are still in a fortunate position to have be able to assist several local charities over the last couple of months.

Colwall Youth Project has been pledged funding to support the fantastic work they do and enable them to actively respond to the needs and wishes of young people in and around

Colwall.Colwall Primary school, we are investigating availability of Grant Funding towards their Technology Program, with a backstop that we will provide some funds towards this sizeable project if our efforts to win Grant Funding fail.

Colwall Parish Charity is a long established small charity whose aims are “Helping the impoverished in the Parish of Colwall & Coddington”. With the current energy crisis this charity has been called upon more often than in recent years. A donation was made to help them meet this increasing demand.Rotary

Ambulance for Ukraine. We have previously had significant focus on Ukraine and Rotary International is funding an Air Ambulance. We have made a donation towards this.

St Michaels Hospice. Thanks to those who gave generously at the Carols at Café Morso, all donations at that event were earmarked for the hospice.

I do hope you’ve read this far… there are only a very small number of us, and we try very hard to make a difference. But we really need more willing active recruits from Colwall and West Malvern.So if you’d like to find out more and do your ‘bit’ for Colwall and the West of the Hills then please call Paul Hetherington on 07710 514656 and we will explain what our Rotary club is all about and bring you along to one of our fortnightly meetings. (Oh and we are quite informal group)

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